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  • Music education for all ages, skills and abilities.
  • Empowering the community through musical education.
  • An exciting and affordable project that brings brass band music to a younger generation.
Mentors are outstanding brass players who also pocess a great ability to teach all ages.
Key Objectives
  • Fun Learning
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership oportunities
  • Friendship
  • Networking

The Academy is run specifically for brass players and focuses on their particular requirements.

The Academy prides itself in offering the most proficient yet cost effective musical education in Sale and District.

Students are allowed to progress though gradings to acknowledge new skills and improved musicanship.

The Academy provides opportunities to improve skills through informal and formal competitions.

  • Tuesday Afternoon

    4:30pm - 5:30pm

    Sale City Band Hall
    Foster Street Sale

  • Rehearsal

What age is suitable for joining the Sale Brass Academy?

Almost any age!!

The main requirement is for members to have the capability to sit and respond for a period of 30 minutes to 1 hour and be able to show patience and respect. We also recommend that a child interested in learning a brass instrument has developed the appropriate mouth muscles, and in particular their two front (adult) teeth before learning. This typically aids in the pace of learning for a child.

Can I sit and watch during rehearsals?


We have been known, however, to successfully encourage parents to join in the fun and learn as well!

My child is learning to play at school. Can they still enrol?

Most definitely!

The Sale Brass Academy is a stand alone program but supports and accelerates any learning already undertaken at school.

My child is learning a woodwind or another non-brass instrument. Can they join?

While we will never turn away an eager music learner, we see that most children will thrive musically by focussing on mastering their primary instrument first. There can be conflicts in learning, such as mouth position to produce a sound and pitch differences. This is very dependent on the individual learner, so please talk to us to find out more!

Am I locked in if my child changes their mind?

As we charge per week, a change of mind is no problem. Any hired instruments, uniforms or learning materials will need to be returned and we will always welcome you back if you would like.

How and when can we enrol?

Enrolments begin throughout the first month of Term 1 and Term 3.

Enrol online or download an enrolment form or talk to one of the friendly mentors.

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